Our Culture


Woodland Foods is committed to supporting the needs and goals of our Customers.

To honor that, we promise our Customers that we:

  • Make providing the safest and highest quality food our top priority
  • Listen and strive to understand our Customers specific needs, which enables us to provide exceptional service that exceeds all expectations
  • Show respect for Customers’ time by committing to prompt, accurate responses
  • Demonstrate our hospitable nature in all interactions
  • Are honest in our interactions and relentless in finding solutions to special needs
  • Continually search the world for new and unique ingredients to offer
  • Demonstrate our Culinary creativity by continuously creating one of a kind, innovative products
  • Be a socially responsive organization that considers the impact of all our actions
  • Commit to rigorous financial responsibility, allowing us to ensure robust resources that enable us to consistently provide unique and reliable value to our Customers



Woodland Foods recognizes our responsibility to value the needs and goals of our Suppliers.

To honor that, we promise our Suppliers we will:

  • Treat them fairly and with respect
  • Buy and sell products responsibly
  • Act in good faith to resolve any disputes
  • Commit to responding in a timely fashion
  • Use language in our verbal and written communications that support our Company Vision
  • Work to help establish markets for new and unique products that support our shared business goals
  • Value long-term relationships


Woodland Foods recognizes that the creative and entrepreneurial spirit on which our success has been founded would not be possible without our Employees.

To honor that, we promise to:

  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace
  • Value our Employees and respect their unique differences
  • Provide opportunities for on-going training and development
  • Encourage Employees to initiate improvements, and empower them to problem solve
  • Build shared trust and accountability
  • Maintain an open-door policy where everyone’s voice can be heard with an open mind
  • Promote a culture of recognition
  • Provide clear expectations and constructive feedback
  • Make time to have fun and celebrate our work!


Woodland Foods’ success relies on our World Class Employees’ commitment to growth and quality of work.

To honor that, we ask that our Team Members promise to:

  • Treat others with respect and default to support
  • Fully engage in opportunities to learn and grow professionally
  • Embrace innovation and drive change
  • Share ideas, opinions, and “better methods”
  • Take great care of our assets
  • Always look for ways to add value to each interaction
  • Take responsibility for results
  • Be a role model through honesty, integrity, and demonstrating a can-do attitude