Processing Woodland Foods offers custom processing solutions to meet your specifications. We offer an unparalleled manufacturing process, delivering efficiency, consistency and the highest quality possible. Our options include:
  • Whole – Uncut, whole ingredients are ideal for dishes or products in which presentation value is of strong consideration.
  • Blended – Pre-blended and custom-blended ingredients are available for proprietary formulas and recipes.
  • Sliced – Sliced ingredients are ideal for items where a bite-sized piece is desired.
  • Kibbled – Cut into small pieces with a target size of 1/4 - 1/8 of an inch, kibbled ingredients allow for a more uniform distribution of ingredients in a recipe.
  • Chopped – Chopped has a significantly finer texture than kibbled product but has a larger particle size than powdered.
  • Powdered – Powdered ingredients have a fine uniform texture, a convenient solution for mixing into various applications such as sauces, soups, spice rubs and seasoning blends.
If you need a customized solution, contact a Woodland Foods representative for additional details, including order minimums and specification needs.  
  Culinary Development Woodland Foods is passionate about ingredients. Led by Corporate Executive Chef Jeffrey Troiola, our Culinary Services Department works hard to explore ingredient applications and innovations. The department is equipped with full-scale commercial equipment found in many industrial kitchens, to replicate usage of our products in a typical kitchen environment. The Culinary Services Department also works with restaurant customers to develop menu items using Woodland Food ingredients. Culinary Services can also help customers develop and expand packaged good formulas to get the ideal flavor and textures out of our products. Contact your Woodland Foods representative to find out how to harness the expertise and experience of our Culinary Services Department.  
  Custom Blending Woodland Foods’ custom blending service will take your idea and bring it to life. We will help realize your unique concept by creating one-of-a-kind blends from beans, mushrooms, spices, fruit, nuts, rice, pasta, grains and more. Woodland Foods Culinary Department develops innovative product solutions and recipes in our on-site, state-of-the-art Culinary Center. We work directly with customers to create proprietary formulas, blends, and recipes that highlight the tremendous depth and variety of our product offerings. Example products include spice blends and rubs, packaged grain and pasta mixes, and seasoning packets.

We are eager to demonstrate our capabilities and showcase our wide assortment of specialty ingredients. Contact a Woodland Foods representative for additional details, including order minimums and your blending needs.

  Private Label TAKE YOUR BRAND TO THE NEXT LEVEL Woodland Foods turnkey Private Label Program is a fundamental tool for building your brand’s reputation. We currently service hundreds of private label accounts from independent stores to Fortune 100 companies. We help you successfully complement your product offerings based on your brand’s style, message, and needs.   PUT OUR EXPERIENCE TO WORK FOR YOU For more than 30 years Woodland Foods has imported quality dried ingredients direct from sources around the world and shared them with our customers. We’ve built our company on the strength of our employees’ culinary knowledge and a spirit of collaboration with our customers. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Northern Illinois are a source of pride for our entire company, and it shows as we have maintained our top ratings when inspected for compliance with the Global Food Safety Initiative. This dedication to quality and food safety is obvious in our transparent supply chain, our adherence to industry best practices, adoption of new techniques and new technology, and our growing client list. Woodland Foods’ turnkey Private Label Program can be a fundamental tool for building your brand. Contact your Woodland Foods’ representative to find out why we are a trusted partner of independent stores and Fortune 100 food companies alike. See how we can help you create, package and sell your own private label products.   WHY CHOOSE WOODLAND FOODS FOR YOUR PRIVATE LABEL PRODUCTS

Woodland Foods’ Private Label Program enables you to market our proven, established product line to meet your business’s private label goals. We regularly stock more than 1,600 products, so you can easily find the right mix of items to enhance or expand your existing line. Our turnkey private label program can save you time, money and effort.



  UNSURPASSED SELECTION Woodland Foods has 30 years experience importing foodstuffs from around the world directly to our facilities in Northern Illinois.
  • We stock and process more than 1,600 ingredients
  • We expand our selection with new ingredients every month
  • 98% of our products are certified Kosher
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO and organic products
  • Our organic ingredients are certified organic to the specifications of the USDA National Organic Program
  UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY Our commitment to quality and food safety affects every aspect of what we do and how we do it.
  • BRCGS annually for food safety audit for adherence to Global Food Safety Initiative standards
  • On-site Quality Assurance laboratory to ensure all items received meet or exceed industry safety and quality standards

Woodland Foods’ facilities and processes are regularly audited by our customers including Fortune 100 Brands.